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Graduation Party Dessert Ideas

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Graduation Party Dessert Ideas

1 DIY dessert table decorations for graduation parties.jpg: Baking

1. DIY dessert table decorations for graduation parties

Title: Deck the Dessert Table: A Guide to DIY Decor for Graduation Galas

Whew! All those hours spent cramming for exams and furiously typing out essays have finally paid off! Graduation is a monumental milestone that deserves an epic celebration. And what’s a soiree without sweet treats gloriously displayed on a dessert table? But this isn’t just any dessert table. Oh no. It’s a DIY dessert table, and it’s going to shine brighter than your grad’s future!

So, if you don’t have the logistical prowess of Martha Stewart, nor the magical, wand-waving abilities of Harry Potter (unfortunately, Accio cute decorations! isn’t a thing yet), don’t fret! This guide will turn you into a dessert-decorating wizard in no time!

1. A Theme That Screams ‘You Did It!’

Establishing a theme is equivalent to making the perfect banana split. It’s the foundation of your dessert table, the ice cream of delight beneath all the toppings of décor.

Graduation equals caps and gowns, but why not crank it up a notch? Decorate with your grad’s school colors or dig into their passions. If they’re an aspiring marine biologist, summon a sea of sweets. Are they ready to revolutionize robotics? A futuristic tech-themed table will hit the spot. Lo and behold, your theme is the delicious Dollop of fun, hinting at the sweet adventure your grad is about to embark upon!

2. DIY Bunting Banner – The Cherry on Top!

In the world of DIY décor, bunting banners are the head cheerleaders, the prom kings and queens of the decoration kingdom. These banners immediately add a three-dimensional pop to your table. Craft them out of colorful paper and hang them in the background or at the front. Whether they spell ‘Congrats!’ or ‘Sweet Success’, make sure the message loud, proud and candy-coated sweet.

3. Keep it ‘Glass’y – Jars, Dishes, Stands!

Anyone who tells you that size doesn’t matter has probably never tried to select the perfect dish for DIY decorations.

“It was a favourite amusement for young fellows at that time to play golf on the ice, and in winter, when the Middlefirth was frozen over, large parties assembled there for the sport”

~ Unknown, Unknown

Hunt down different sized glass jars, dishes, and cake stands to create a towering, tantalizing, Ferris wheel of goodies that looks like Willy Wonka’s factory. Remember, variety is the spice of life (and the sugar and cream of your dessert table).

4. Decadent Décor Details

Now we’re talking about the bedazzling sprinkles of your dessert table- the titillating décor details. Quirky photo props – like paper mustaches or graduation caps on sticks – are bona fide crowd pleasers. Little framed photos of your grad, from their first day in school to their triumphant march across the stage, can also add a heartwarming touch. Don’t be afraid to get cheeky – your grad’s post-ceremony sugar crash won’t seem so bad if there’s a sign reading ‘Sweet Relief’ pointing at the coffee pot.

5. Lights, Balloons, Action!

Graduation is a lot like being at a disco. There’s music, dancing, and sweet sweet freedom. But what’s a disco without some sparkle? Use fairy lights to add some stardust to the surroundings. Throw in some helium balloons tethered to small items like mini-graduation caps to give your dessert table the lift-off it deserves.

A dessert table is not just a table. It’s a canvas for celebrating the sweet saga of your grad’s achievements, and a springboard into their sugary future. Overflowing with homemade charm and school spirit, your DIY dessert table will be the pièce de résistance of the event!

So go wild with whimsy, dare to be extra, and take this one-of-a-kind occasion to build a dessert table worthy of your grad’s landmark accomplishment. Say it with me now… Make way for the awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, memory-popping DIY dessert table! Happy decorating!

2 Quick and easy graduationthemed cupcakes and cookies.jpg: Baking

2. Quick and easy graduation-themed cupcakes and cookies

Title: 2 Super Swift and Simple Ways to Confer Diplomas to Your Sweet Tooth: Graduation-Themed Cupcakes and Cookies


Step aside, pomp and circumstance, it’s time for bake and decorate! The graduation march may be all about grandeur, but we’re here to argue that the real graduate star of the show is a sugar-packed parade of cupcakes and cookies! Boy, do we have some fun, quick, and easy ideas to turn your sweets table into a graduation party that will earn straight A’s from your guests.

1. Cap-tivating Cupcakes

If there’s a reward for spending countless nights burning the midnight oil, it’s sinking your teeth into these graduation cap cupcakes. A bite of these sweet accolades will make any graduate forget all about their thesis-wrought sleepless nights. And making them? It’s as easy as reciting the alphabet, but without the dreaded pop quizzes.

Let’s march towards our ingredients first. You will need your favorite cupcake mix (even if that mix is just speed-dialing your local bakery – hey, no judgement here!), some colorful frosting to match the school colors, a bag of mini chocolate squares, and pieces of sour candy belts for the tassel.

Bake your cupcakes and once they’ve cooled down, frost generously. The ceremony begins with the careful placement of the chocolate square, right like a shiny new graduation cap on top of the cupcake. The grand finale? A piece of sour candy belt for the tassel, and voila! You’ve presented your graduate with the sweetest diploma in town. It’s the stuff of pure confectionery commencement genius!


““I am overjoyed to see her daughter.” CHAPTER V CONFIDENCES For a moment Miss Imogene’s white hair gave Dorothea the impression that she was quite an old lady; but that quickly vanished”

~ Emilie Benson Knipe and Alden Arthur Knipe, Illustrated by Emilie Benson Knipe , ’64

Diploma-liscious Cookies

Not a cupcake fan? Fear not, our degree in dessert deliciousness covers cookies too, with these ridiculously easy and fun to make diploma cookies.

All you need is pre-made sugar cookie dough, white icing, and thin strips of red or blue fruit leather to act as the ribbon. Simply roll a small chunk of dough into a tube shape, bake as directed, and once cooled, grace with a smear of icing to resemble a diploma. The fruit leather can be tied around the cookie, creating the illusion of the diploma ribbon. Easy peasy and diploma breezy!

These cookies are so simple and clever, you might consider giving them top honors at your dessert table or perhaps even coronating them as Valedictorian of Vanilla! Either way, they are fully equipped to delectably commemorate academic achievement.


Celebrating graduation doesn’t always have to be about listening to speeches and tossing caps into the air. It can also include devouring cupcakes and cookies that flaunt the pomp and deliciousness of the milestone. So, dust off that apron, preheat the oven, and break out those spatulas—it’s time to bake your way to culinary commencement victory with these quick and easy graduation-themed cupcakes and cookies. The real exam now? Not eating them all before the guests arrive!

3 Creative fruit arrangements for healthy graduation treats.jpg: Baking

3. Creative fruit arrangements for healthy graduation treats

Title: Score an A+ in Wholesomeness with These 3 Creative Fruit Arrangements for Healthy Graduation Treats!

Congratulations! You’ve done it! You’ve braved the Tarzan-like jungles of academia and emerged bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the other side. You’re graduating – Holy Macadamia! You’ve burned the midnight oil, devoured a mini-forest’s worth of textbooks, and shown an admirable resilience in coffee chugging contests. You deserve a treat. But let’s shake up the norm, swap those brain-busting brownies for a conscientiously-crafted cornucopia of health; say hello to tasty fruit arrangements.

1. Degree in Delicacy: The Diploma Roll-up

Picture this: A luscious, fruity diploma that screams I’m both fabulous and full of vitamins! Sounds like a graduation miracle – And it’s certified apple-free for those who are fatigued after years of bribing teachers with granny smiths.

To create this masterpiece, you’ll dip into your stash of robust, large-leafed greens like romaine or Boston lettuce. Roll a delightful cocktail of thin slices of your favorite fruits within this green blank canvas. We recommend a medley of strawberries, kiwis, and the ever-graceful pineapple slices – a truly international graduation party in your mouth.

Ensure to roll tightly and secure with a toothpick, then lay these edible diplomas vertically like a chorus line of leafy valedictorians. This fruit arrangement might not guarantee a summa cum laude, but it’s certainly magna cum delicious!

2. The Fruity Mortarboard Cap-er – Stack It High!

Thinking caps on! This creative arrangement can be fun to both construct and demolish. Who knew hats were not just wearable, but eatable too?

The structure is elementary: a hearty watermelon square serving as the top of your cap, and a chunky, delectable kiwi acting as the base.

“He has stripped his stepmother of her last penny, and she is compelled to live on the charity of a relative, who accords her a grudging welcome, and treats her with scant consideration”

~ Horatio Alger, Helping Himself

The only challenging part is resisting the urge to snack on your building blocks.

Then, add a tassel everyone will be ready to toss. A long dangling slice of cantaloupe or a bunch of grapes can add whimsical elegance to your fruity cap. Rest assured, these won’t be left hanging around like your laundry!

3. Fruit Kebabs gone WILD – Tassels and Tiers

For the Michelangelos who crave not just a taste sensation but also a visual spectacle, stack up a towering vision of fruit kebabs. They’re like your ordinary kebabs, but instead of skewering your unsuspecting vegetables, they’re graced with radiant spheres of melons, vibrant cubes of pineapples and shiny, heart-shaped strawberries.

And what’s more, these skewers are doing a double major in art and drama. Gather these kebabs to form a multitiered display, accessorize with drizzling dark chocolate or a sprinkle of coconut flakes – and voila, you’ve got yourself a standing ovation of spectacular tastes!

So, there you have it – three heart-happy, belly-bulging, and eye-pleasing fruit arrangements to liven up your graduation day. Trust us when we say these will make you the talk of the tassel tossing tribe! Are they worth a shot? In the electric words of your textbooks – the proof is in the pudding!

Remember, graduates, as you step into the next chapter of your life, let these creatively constructed arrangements be a testament to your fresh, healthy take on the world. Now, that’s a degree of wisdom that’s truly worth celebrating!

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