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Gluten Free Bakery Recommendations

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Gluten-Free Bakery Recommendations

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1. Top rated gluten-free bakeries nationwide

Title: From Sea to Shining Sea – A Crumb by Crumb Journey Through America’s Sweetest Gluten-Free Bakeries

Hungry for some seriously delectable gluten-free treats? Butter my biscuits, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to a finger-licking tour of the country’s top-rated gluten-free bakeries. Ready? Let’s embark on this culinary expedition, leaving no cookie unturned, no donut un-destroyed, and no cake un-crumbled.

1. Erin McKenna’s Bakery – New York, Los Angeles, & Orlando

Have your cake and eat it too at the mecca of gluten-free goodness. Starting her delicious dominion in NYC, Erin McKenna spread her gluten-free gospel nationwide, spawning a fanbase quicker than you can say, Pass the Gingerbread. From melt-in-your-mouth red velvet cupcakes to drool-worthy vegan and gluten-free bagels, this bakery whispers tantalizing sweet nothings in its patrons’ ears.

2. Pushkin’s Bakery – Sacramento & Roseville, CA

California dreaming? Expect nothing less than perfection at Pushkin’s Bakery, where gluten is persona non-grata. Their blueberry muffins are so heavenly, you’ll forget it’s gluten-free. These pastries are so good that they even bring the gluten gluttons to their knees!

3. Rise Bakery – Washington D.C.

In D.C., it’s all about the rise to power—and the power of Rise. This renowned bakery bridges the bipartisan divide with their array of delectable treats. Their strawberry shortcakes are rumored to cause lobbyists to lose focus. Plus, their gluten-free fudgy walnut brownies could probably achieve world peace.

4. New Cascadia Traditional – Portland, OR

At New Cascadia, gluten-free hippie-chic meets high class pastry artistry.

“They had touched upon a delicate subject, and Corinne, with unusual good sense, held her tongue until they reached the railroad shed where the expected train was just coming to a stop”

~ Emilie Benson Knipe and Alden Arthur Knipe, Illustrated by Emilie Benson Knipe , ’64

Imagine flaky quiches, exquisite chocolate éclairs, and baguettes so crisp, you’ll think you’re in Paris, not Portland. The Food Revolution lives on here, one mouthwatering morsel at a time.

5. Natural Decadence – Eureka, CA

Hailing from the Redwood-fringed enclave of Eureka, Natural Decadence proves that gluten-free goes hand-in-hand with glamour. Their line of pies, known by esteemed pie-ssuers as the Sweet Revenge Collection, are so good, you’ll reconsider your sweet tooth a gluten-free goddess.

6. The Sensitive Baker – Los Angeles, CA

Sensitive Baker is to Los Angeles what gluten-free is to delicious. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their cranberry orange scones, so deeply aromatic and crumbly, even the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame would feel underdressed. Oh, and their challah? Holy dough, Batman!

7. Sweet Ali’s Bakery – Hinsdale & Glenview, IL

Midwestern charm meets gastronomic genius at Sweet Ali’s. Their Saturday morning cinnamon buns have been known to cause mile-long lines, akin to a U2 concert. Tip from the gluten-free grapevine: try the banana chocolate chip loaf – an Elvis-worthy pairing that’s deliciously surreal.

Salivating yet? Buckle up and unbuckle your belts, because this is just a hint of the gluten-free gold scattered across the nation. Nothing will stop us in our adventurous pursuit of divine gluten-free deliciousness. We’re on a mission, traveling frosted highway to icing-glazed byway, in the name of food, fun, and the gluten-free way!

Source: 1. Top Rated Gluten-free Bakeries Nationwide

2 Benefits of glutenfree bakery items.jpg: Baking

2. Benefits of gluten-free bakery items

Title: Crumbs! The Scrumptious Scoop on Gluten-Free Bakery Delights

Ladies, Gentlemen, and all avid food lovers; brace yourselves! We’re embarking on a delightful, delicious, and drool-worthy journey into the enchanting world of gluten-free bakery goodies! Gluten-free, you ask with an arched brow? Indeed, I reply with a warm scone and a sparkling grin.

The alarm hasn’t gone off, and your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – tuck into the wholesomeness that gluten-free provides, and embark on this palate-educating quest. Without further floury ado, let’s dive into the flaky, moist, and melt-in-your-mouth universe of the benefits of gluten-free bakery items (a.k.a, gluten-free glory).

1. A Digestive Delight: Gluten, that sly little imp, often causes tummy turmoil for those sensitive souls among us. Hark! The gluten-free bakery items are here to save the day. Simply kick gluten to the curb and embrace these delicate goodies. Without that troublesome protein, you’re less likely to experience bloating, constipation, and other ‘number two’ nuisances. Here’s to an untroubled tummy!

2. A Potential Weight Loss Warrior: Who would’ve thought that scrumptious GLUTEN-FREE muffins, cookies, and cakes could hold the key to trimming down those tricky extra pounds? While a daily diet of pastry isn’t advisable, replacing your regular bakery items with gluten-free alternatives can lower your calorie intake. That means you’re not only licking your fingers clean, you’re also keeping that scale in check.

3. A Haven for Health: Good news for your pantry and your body, gluten-free items are often made with healthier ingredients. That’s right! Your brownies and bread are now packing punches of nutrition.

“Here are a few items of annual domestic expenditure, proffered not in the spirit of gloating over our simplicity or of delighting in economy of luxuries, but to illustrate how few are the wants which Nature (with a little assistance) leaves unsatisfied”

~ E J Banfield #2 in our series by E J Banfield , My Tropic Isle

Armed with almond flour, coconut oil, flaxseed meal, and more, these titans of taste refuse to compromise on flavor or health. It’s like attending a masquerade ball, and as the final grand reveal at midnight, your body dances in glee.

4. An Allergen Avenger: Did you wake up today thinking you’d be invited into the gluten-free version of The Avengers? Far from ‘hulking’ up with gluten, this band of bakery items is saving the day for those with wheat allergies, as well as those with Celiac disease. By happily stepping in as a super substitution, gluten-free bakery nourishment helps combat symptoms that come with these conditions.

5. A Powerhouse of Potential: Gluten-free bakery items can be a dynamite choice for everyone, not just those on gluten-free diets. It’s like being invited to a never-ending party with a wide array of guests who’ve just discovered there’s no end to the possibilities that gluten-free pastries offer.

So there you have it, folks. Gluten-free bakery items aren’t just the gossip of health-food aficionados, but are indeed beneficial for all who grapple with gluten. So, the next time you’re in the bakery aisle, give a friendly wave to your regular bread loaf and slyly smuggle a gluten-free muffin into your cart instead – for the sake of science and your stomach! And remember, in this gluten-free bakery revolution, no cupcakes were harmed. They’re just sporting a new recipe!

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3 How to spot quality glutenfree pastries.jpg: Baking

3. How to spot quality gluten-free pastries

Title: Breadcrumbs of Quality: A Gloriously Gluten-Free Pastry Detection Manual

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Sweet-tooth Devotees! Today, we embark on a sublime sensory journey teetering on the edge of grittiness and gastronomy. Welcome to the scrumptious yet treacherous terrain of gluten-free pastries. Now, before you start cowering in the corner with trauma from a dense, flavorless gluten-free biscuit you once bit into, hear me out. Spotting edible gold in a gluten-less mine doesn’t require a Sherlock Holmes-level detective skill. Honestly, it’s not rocket science – it’s bakery science!

1. The Eye of the Beholder

You spot a gluten-free pastry resting picture-perfect in the bakery display. It’s doing a little Samba under the spotlight, oozing the same level of charisma as Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’. But here’s what: good looks aren’t everything. Looks can deceive, and in the realm of pastries, that’s certainly the case.

Quality gluten-free pastries should possess a surface that’s smooth yet firm – never overly hard, or they might knock your teeth out. If it’s a bread or bun, check for unpredictable craters that could make the moon jealous. Bread resembling an alien landscape rarely indicates quality.

2. The Tactile Test

Alright, folks. Time to get touchy-feely! Wait, with the pastry of course. Feel free to don your imaginary gluten-free pastry gloves.

“They often bake cats, wolves, ravens, and the like in their pastries, and when the company have eaten them up, they tell them what they have in their stomachs”

~ Unknown, Unknown

Should a quality gluten-free pastry crumble with the lightest touch like a chalk artist’s dreams? Absolutely not. On the opposite end, if it holds together like old friends at a reunion but retains a bit of tenderness, congratulations – you’re closer to sinking your teeth into a higher echelon of gluten-free delights.

3. The Smell of Victory.. or Defeat

Whiffing pastries is not the exclusive domain of bakery-obsessed canines. As you approach the indulging part, your sense of smell is your personal ally in this gluten-free adventure. Now, your pastry shouldn’t smell like an old library book even if it’s part of a high-fiber diet. A high-quality gluten-free pastry will have a gentle, appealing aroma – a tantalizing whisper of its ingredients, not an overpowering shout.

4. The Taste Test

Finally, the crowning moment – the taste test, the moment when all the chips fall into place, or down your shirt if you’re a messy eater. A quality gluten-free pastry is no less than a symphony of flavors in your mouth. A stale, cardboard-like taste quicker than Zakynthos at midday? Drop it like it’s hot. Good pastries should offer a delicate balance of moistness, sweetness (or savoriness) and a hint of natural flavors like almonds or vanilla.

So there you have it, baked goods aficionados – a not-so-secret guide to navigating the wondrous world of gluten-free pastries. Remain vigilant, trust your senses, and you’ll embark on a sweet journey of delicious discoveries. May your adventures be crispy, crumbly, and devoid of gluten!

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